Destination Wedding

Destination wedding - where your love would bloom into marriage.

My cousin Faith was in love with a construction manager in Boston, called Edward. But I don’t know for some reasons, Faith’s father was not happy with their affair.

Because Edward, an orphan, was broke at one time. But you know what Faith and I believe that no man is as sexy as a self made man.

A man who makes it in his own steam is a turn on. I knew the cheerful romantic Edward was my man of choice for Faith.

Faith was madly in love with him to disagree with my views, if I had any. But then miracles happen when you make them happen. For Faith, it happened with the idea of ‘wedding destination’ or ‘destination wedding’.

They say when a couple runs away for marriage, it is called eloping. When you run as a couple with group of supportive friends and family, it is called arranging for a destination wedding. To support us, we had my husband, my parents and few of our friends on our side.

The destination wedding of course was in California. We decided on a small guest list. We just wanted to get away from the humdrum of Boston, irksome family proceeding and wanted to enjoy our fun in California. In Faith’s words, the wedding was more of ‘a honeymoon travel’ rather than mere wedding.

If you plan out on destination wedding, I would recommend on doing a search online for wedding destinations or destination wedding. Or if you want anything ‘handy’ you can grab a book on weddings, which has a lot of information on wedding destinations.

I have checked some of the books on them online and I can tell you I am blown by the expert ideas which people seem to gather on planning out destination wedding.

Coming back to faith’s destination wedding and the aura of California beaches, we made sure that we send invitations to people and friends to be present for the wedding. We mailed the invitations before the wedding, 5-6 weeks before the marriage could take place.

Faith asked me, ”what about announcements? Should we send them?” I told her that invitations are sent to people who are supposed to be there for the wedding and invitations to everyone else. I told her that wedding announcements will be taken care of, post wedding.

I added that announcements are normally sent after marriage to tell that they have been married. The guests will automatically get the message as to why they were not invited. The announcements are just a way of announcing that the couple has been married.

Faith also had second thoughts about not ‘inviting’ some of her friends who did not spend likely respond to the marriage because of reasons like money issues, travel, busy schedules etc. Much as we liked we could not send them invitations. We had to resort to announcements.

Of course we did send the wedding announcement card. It went something like this:

Faith Bride and Edward Groom Will make their presence at their home After July 21st (Address) (Telephone no)

Faith’s father (she is a one parent child) got the news about the destination wedding. Though he was infuriated initially, seeing our support and her daughter’s love, the old man finally gave in.

Believe me it’s been two years and he thinks that it was good that he gave in to their love. Since Faith’s father agreed to his daughter’s marriage, we arranged to have a local reception when we returned home. A reception card was enclosed and sent with the announcement.

Ah, now comes the exciting part. We decided to keep the wedding destination as fascinatingly similar to the traditional wedding (though I must add enviously they had a lot of fun than us, honeymooning) as possible. There was dancing, games, wedding cakes, candles et all.

We planned the wedding destination at a friend’s place. It was a splendid beach house in California. You should experience the amount of refreshing feel we had to have the party on the terrace with the romantic breeze gently caressing our hair and faces. The cake was just hmmmmm……

The party did not end here. We extended the wedding destination to a small rented apartment by the sea, where Edward stays along with his grandmother. The party here was awesome.

I must admit Edward’s grandma could teach Britney a few steps. In the end I was pleased to see Faith having a lovely blissful smile on her face as the sun began to set down the sparkling sea.

We clicked a lot of exciting snaps of the wedding destination and Edward’s friend shot a footage of the wedding and made a smart video editing the unnecessary portions(don’t ask which ones).

We showed the clips, the photos and the video back home to our folks and Faith’s father began to laugh uproariously. We raised our eyebrows in amazement. He pointed out and said, "Look at the bride’s dress. Faith, your wedding dress appears wrinkled at the sides. I bet you forgot to iron it. You better iron it in your next wedding."

He really loves his daughter. He is happy that at least his daughter took the wise step to marry the man she loved. Also she did not embarrass him by eloping and married someone by going for the idea of destination wedding.

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