Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes

Step by step instructions, videos and pictures for girls and boys

Cupcakes are so much fun and it's so easy to make them even more fun for baby shower.

We made a great choice of beautiful cupcakes and to make your job easier we added step by step instructions how to make them. Watch the videos or read the text ...

You've seen that sleeping baby figurine so many times already? Now you too can make it.

Making fun cupcake liners looks difficult? See bellow how easy it is to make them.

1. Instructions how to make baby shower cupcakes

For this cute Baby Shower Cupcakes you need marshmallow fondant which can be made out of marshmallows, water and powdered sugar. It tastes good just like very sweet marshmallows.

1. In order to make yellow duckies take a piece of yellow colored marshmallow fondant and make ducky body.

2. On one side form the tail.

3. Then make a ball for head and attach it to the body using toothpick which you will insert into the body of the duck and the other half into the ducky's head.

4. Then take some orange marshmallow fondant and make ducky's beak and also using a toothpick which you will break off attach the beak to the head.

5.Make eyes out of black fondant and glue them with water.

6. In order to make pink booties color the marshmallow fondant in pink using food coloring.

7. First, take a piece of fondant and shape it into oval.

8. Then take another piece of pink marshmallow fondant and make the upper part of the booties.

9. Take some white fondant and make a little hear,t which you will glue on the booty using water and paint brush.

2. How to make washcloths baby shower cupcakes

This video helps you make Baby Shower Cupcakes using cloth, washcloth, diaper and ribbon. The first cupcakes are made out of washcloth.

1. Fold the washcloth into thirds, then in half.

2. When you've folded it roll it up leaving the center raised.

3. When you roll it up all, place some tape to secure it.

4. Place a ribbon around it and put it into baking cup.

The second version of baby shower cupcakes are made out of burp cloth, or cloth diaper, coffee filters and ribbon.

1. First fold the cloth into thirds, then in half and then roll it up.

2. Secure it with the tape and place it into the coffee filter.

3. Secure the filter with a rubber band and use the ribbon to hide the rubber band.

4. At the end, insert the lollypop into the center.

The third cupcakes are made of washcloth, a diaper and a ribbon.

1. Take a washcloth, fold it into thirds, then in half and roll it up.

2. Put some tape to secure it.

3. Then take a diaper, open it and fold in half.

4. Roll it around the washcloth and secure it with a rubber band.

5. Take a ribbon and place it around the diaper.

6. On top of the cupcake put a lollypop.

3. Make mom to be mini cake and cupcakes

This mom to be mini cake and cupcakes is made of a mini cake and 20 cupcakes which match the mini cake.

1. First make two layer of desired flavor and frosting to grease the layers with. Place the cake on the round plate.

2. Cover the cake with fondant colored in lilac color. Around the cake place the light green fondant and draw some decorations on it.

3. On the side of the cake, stick lilac and light green hearts made of fondant.

4. In front of the cake place, the stripe made of gum paste on which you will write "Mum to be". Make the letters out of gum paste too.

5. On top of the cake make a figurine of a pregnant woman out of gum paste.

6. Make dress, hear, shoes and all the details out of gum paste.

7. Place a bear and a present with a ribbon made out of gum paste.

8. At the end make 20 cupcakes of desired flavor and decorate them with vanilla buttercream icing colored in lilac and light green.

9. On top of some cupcakes place flowers made of fondant and on some place hearts made out of fondant. On hearts write letters using icing colored in silver.

4. How to make baby boy shower cupcake cake

This cake consists of 20 cupcakes which are made of the following ingredients:

- 200gr unsalted butter

- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

- 1 cup sugar

- 3 eggs

- 2 ½ cups self-raising flour

- ½ cup milk


1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

2. Line muffin pan with paper cases.

3. Beat butter, vanilla and sugar with a mixer until light and fluffy.

3. Add eggs one at a time, beating after each addition.

4. Add flour and milk and mix all well until combined.

5. Pour the batter into the cups and bake for 15-20 minutes.

6. When baked let them cool completely.

7. Spread them with icing.

8. Take fondant and roll it up making the round shape.

9. Cover 7 cupcakes with the fondant.

10. Take icing bag filled with blue icing and star shaped tip on top.

11. Place icing around the edge of these seven cupcakes.

12. On these cupcakes write letter saying "It's a boy" using icing and small round tip for piping bag.

13. All the rest cupcakes decorate with the icing using star shaped tip.

5. Baby shower chocolate cupcakes

Baby Shower Chocolate Cupcakes are actually lily flowers made of gum paste and inside each cupcake is a baby figurine made of chocolate, candies and butter. In order to make this cake you will have to make lily flowers first.

1. Take gum paste and color some amount of gum paste in pink and some amount in blue color using food coloring.

2. Roll out the gum paste thin and cut the petals.

3. Line the petal in a form of the lily flower.

4. In the center of each lily place the baby figurine made of chocolate, butter and candies.

6. Make cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers

If you want to make cupcake wrappers you have to find printable templates, to print them and cut them out. Wrap the template around and using double-sided tape secure it. When you've made the cupcake wrapper, take your cupcake and place it inside the wrapper. In order to make cupcake toppers you will also need printable templates, download them and print them. Use a punch to cut the toppers.

Take lollipop sticks and attach it onto the topper using tape. Place the topper in the cupcake. With cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers your cupcake will be amazing.

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