Anniversary Cake Toppers

There are anniversary cake toppers available, which one to choose?

I had absolutely no idea you could find such a wide variety of specialty cake toppers for an anniversary present.

Not until I started planning an anniversary party for my parents and had to begin looking through tons of cake tops, that is.

I knew that I wanted the party to be really special and unique and that meant that I needed to look at custom designed wedding cake toppers.

What I didn’t know is that you can find literally every theme under the sun in personalized anniversary cake toppers.

My sister suggested choosing fun wedding cake toppers that said something about their life together.

They met on a bicycle trip so her first thought was some of the bicycle wedding cake toppers we had seen. While that was a good idea, I wanted something that was a bit more traditional.

I had seen a lovely blown glass cross cake topper. That created a problem though because my father is Jewish and that meant we would have to decide between the Christian wedding cake toppers and the Jewish anniversary cake toppers.

Before I knew it we were looking at novelty wedding cake toppers and everyone had an opinion. Did you know you can even get circus animal cake toppers?

I thought that was truly amazing! Or for a really unique idea, what about a Pez bride and groom wedding or a nightmare before Christmas anniversary cake toppers?

My brother really got into the fun of it and suggested some fun wedding cake toppers. He thought my dad might like something that was related to his hobbies so he suggested a Civil War cake topper, Harley Davidson cake toppers and even a train cake topper.

He really liked the graduation cheerleader cake topper, but I was determined to have something both my parents would like.

That’s why I finally decided on Boyds Bears anniversary cake toppers and cake topper accessories.

You might like the bird cage wedding cake topper, I found.

Even though it was hard, it was worth all the hard work. When you’re looking for the perfect anniversary cake top, you really need to take a look at some of the unique tops I found.

Well, when it was all over we still managed to find some really nice anniversary cake toppers and didn’t blow our party budget because we ran across some great low price cake toppers too.

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